Too Busy to Create That Eye-Catching Pin for Your Next Blog Post?


 Grab These 21 Customizable Templates For Bloggers Who Lack the Time or Skill Needed to Create Pinterest Images.

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ALL THE VIRAL FEATURES: • 1:2 Pin Size (1000 x 2000 px most trending size!) • Attention Grabbing Colors • Varying Font Sizes • Matching Font Styles • Emphatic Headings • Premium Animation Graphics Yours! • Symmetric Layout • Branding 

YOU CAN EDIT THE FOLLOWING: • Colors • Font Sizes • Font Styles • Headings • Animation Graphics • Layout • Branding 


DO MORE!! • Move the animated images from one pin to another... or even combine 'em! • Click Ctrl + A to select all and paste everything into a new pin size of your own choice. 

Bloggin Just Got A Lil Less Bogglin!